Carthage College Equality Project

It's not about Gay or Straight, It's about Equal Rights

Carthage Allies hosts events ranging from tie-dying to educating the general public about LGBTQ and equality!

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The Carthage College Equality Project is a project hosted by the Carthage College Allies - an active LGBTQ organization on the campus.

Our mission is to spread the education of not only LGBTQ and Gender information, but spread the essence of equality as well.

As of now...

This year, Allies focuses on the theme: Pride and Love .With all the marriage equality business that's happening within our nation, how could we not?

Pride is a huge thing in the Gay Community. To Carthage Allies, Pride symbolizes the history of oppression that still continues within the LGBTQ Communities.

Carthage Allies has been busy re-branding! Our main goal is to seek equality for all people. To make our presence more known and consistent, we've decided to do logo changes!

Carthage College also supports a more exclusive organization called the 10% Society which is designed for LGBTQ-Questioning individuals who seek an inward approach to finding themselves. This environment is incredibly confidential and meets in a confidential location. 

No Hate Week

The Carthage College Allies prepares for No Hate Week. This week will highlight the importance of being an Ally and standing up against hate, violence, abuse, suicide, and bullying.

Throughout the week, there will be guest speakers, a suicide awareness balloon event, the raising of the gay flag, and the Day of Silence.

Carthage celebrates No Hate Week April 7th - April 11th

Carthage College Equality Project

The Carthage College Allies is continuously working on short documentaries called the Carthage Equality Project. It will host Carthage's own students and what their opinion about equality is.

The Carthage College Allies has adopted the quote "It's not about Gay or Straight, it's about EQUAL RIGHTS" as its mantra. This quote was chosen because it doesn't segregate straight from gay, it can be applied to any other message: Black or White, Man or Woman, etc. This quote provides us with a basis for equality and makes our organization more inclusive rather than focus on LGBTQ matters.

Who we are...

The Carthage College Ally organization is made up of a diverse group of individuals. Because it is an organization that does not focus on race, gender, or sexual orientation - but rather equality - we rather not personally ask our members who or what they are. We believe that we are all individuals created equally and rather than to note our differences, we choose to accept each other on a personality-based perspective.

Some News in Our World and Yours

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