Carthage College Equality Project

It's not about Gay or Straight, It's about Equal Rights

Our mission at Carthage College Allies is to advocate equal rights to all citizens regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, race - and many more.

The Carthage College Equality Project is a work in progress created by Carthage Allies.

We plan to make documentaries and educate not only the Carthage Community, but reach out further to the greater world.

To the left is the main quote that was chosen this year.

To the right, is the main Carthage College Allies logo. This logo is a statement expressing equality in all people regardless of sexual orientation. There are seven flags used to create the logo.

At the up left corner is the Human Rights Campaign Flag - this flag does not separate Sexual Orientation and is for all humans regardless of sex, race, or gender. It is the main flag for Carthage Allies.

The Rainbow Flag is the symbol for Homosexuality.

The Flag (Black, grey, white, and purple) represents Asexuality.

The Flag right of that (lighter purple, white, and green) represents Gender Fluidity or Genderqueer

The Flag (pink, yellow, and blue) represent Pansexuality

On the bottom left, (magenta, purple, and violet) is the Bisexual Flag.

And finally, (light blue, pink, and white) represents Transgender.

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